Heather Bumgardner
August 2020
Nephrological/Urological Med-Surg Unit
Southeast Health
United States




Well, you have always heard the expression "over and beyond the call of duty", this goes way beyond that. Heather was my nurse and I mentioned to her that I was going to call down to Chicken Salad Chick and order me something to eat because I had been in the Doctor's office before being admitted and was starving. Chicken Salad Chick would not allow calling in orders and I could not even give them the credit card number over the phone and send someone to pick up the order.

Heather said it would be her pleasure to go get it for me. I told her like most people I have plenty of credit cards but no cash. She said no worries that she would get it for me. This was a nice nurse but most of all a nurse with a nice, big, and beautiful heart. If anyone can request a nurse when in the hospital, I would recommend anyone to request Heather. Now I'm not a complete bum, I did repay her as she took me to the front door to check out. She said that I did not need to pay her but I made her take it.