Hassan Beydoun

Hassan Beydoun

Hassan Beydoun, RN

Beaumont Farmington Hills
Farmington Hills, Michigan
United States
Hassan personally thanks us and makes us feel while there is still work to do, PCU IS BETTER for EACH AND EVERY one of us. He has been fighting for our safety during this pandemic. He is just awesome all around!

Like most nurses here at Beaumont Farmington Hills, Hassan goes above and beyond. The special thing about Hassan is that he does not only go above and beyond for our patients but also the nursing staff. He tirelessly assists with ensuring we are well-staffed and on days where he is working he is constantly asking if anyone needs help or assistance in caring for their patients. Below are just some stories compiled by nurses who work with Hassan and why he is a DAISY Nurse.

Hassan has always been a team player. Once we had an Arabic speaking patient who was needing to be discharged with a lifevest. Hassan took it upon himself to ensure lifevest was sending a trained representative certified in interpreting. He then assisted me with the discharge by going through all the discharge paperwork with the patient and his family (he is a certified interpreter). He even set up follow-up appointments with the cardiologist before the patient was discharged. He is always willing to pitch in and help assist us in giving exceptional care to our patients.

There are so many stories and countless times he's gone above and beyond for us individually and as a team. He is always the first one to offer help whether it's to cover other patients or to help in emergency situations. He takes every opportunity he can to encourage the team and check on each individual member to make sure we're good. He spends HOURS out of his days making sure shifts are covered and we're provided with the best scenarios he can possibly manage. He personally thanks us and makes us feel while there is still work to do, PCU IS BETTER for EACH AND EVERY one of us. He has been fighting for our safety during this pandemic. He is just awesome all around!

Anytime that we need help with anything (from needing a pulse ox to schedule changes) he is always there to try to make it work out to benefit us. He supports our nurses like we are his family which is what makes our unit so great! We are a family and Hassan cares about his staff and our well-being.

I had a really crazy shift one day when I was in charge and if it wasn't for Hassan I don't know what I would have done. He was so helpful and is such a team player. Not just that particular shift either. He's always there to help out when anyone needs help. No questions asked. He's such an important member of our PCU team and I hope he knows how valued he is!

Hassan, without fail, rounds every corner of the floor to make sure his nurses are not drowning in their work. Whenever you need meds passed or just a helping hand, he is there. He not only is a wonderful assistant manager, but he is the token team member to look up to on PCU. He is always thankful for his nurses' hard work and ensures that nobody on the unit is left behind. He is our greatest role model and is more than deserving of the DAISY title.

I remember one shift where I started out with a patient in an emergent situation. To say the least, I was slightly overwhelmed. Without asking, Hassan took it upon himself to find out my set and pass medications on all my other patients. Once he completed that he came back to assist me. Words cannot describe how relieved I was knowing that my other patients were well taken care of. This instance was not a one-time thing. Hassan is constantly doing this for all the nurses on the Progressive Care Unit. He never complains, he just jumps into action. Most recently with COVID-19 Hassan has continued to step up and help out. Now that the Progressive Care Unit has expanded up into 5 south, Hassan has assisted in creating assignments and when he has a "break" from being on the second floor he comes up to the 5th floor to assist nurses and patients up there. During this pandemic, he has taken on many roles, assistant manager, nurse assistant, transporter, nurse, assisting in charge nurse roles, but most importantly our cheerleader and friend. His positive attitude is infectious and helps our floor come together especially in this difficult time. One of my peers said it best, Hassan is the heart of our unit. And this is why without a doubt he is our DAISY Nurse day in and day out!