Hannah Thompson

Hannah Thompson

Hannah Thompson, RN

St. Vincent Indianapolis Hospital and Health Care Center
Indianapolis, Indiana
United States
Hannah’s big smile and friendly personality, her knowledge and attention to the baby’s care, and her compassion for her job and families every day make her an outstanding nurse.

We finally got pregnant after 5 years of trying and multiple visits to fertility doctors. Finally, our last try at the doctors and we got pregnant with twins! At our 26-week appointment, we found out one of the babies was having issues and would probably not make it through the week. After talking with the Neonatal doctors, we decided to go week to week and pray our little boy would make it. Every week he seemed to improve a little until 31 weeks and he started to decline and we decided to deliver at 32 weeks. Hannah was on one of the teams of nurses in the delivery room when R and O were born and off to the new locations in the NICU. The first trip in the NICU to see them was a bit overwhelming with all the machines, beeps and alarms going off. Hannah was there after delivery. She went into great detail explaining the incubator, C-Pap machine, and the monitors. She didn’t just say what they were but really explained them and what the different machines were doing to help our sons. We had 8-10 family members in the waiting room wanting to get to meet the boys. So, I started bringing them back 2 at a time. Hannah did great with each of the groups taking time to answer all of the questions that they had. Her upbeat, informative, and nice personality really helped us on our first stressful day in the NICU with the boys.

Hannah had both boys on their 2nd day, and greeted us with a big smile and updated us on how the boys were doing. Mom broke down crying from all the boy’s needs going on, Hannah right away talked with her and consoled her, telling all positives with the boys and how the issues will get better and better each day. This really helped calm her down and get us through the day. As we watched Hannah throughout the day we really liked her attention to detail and the way she took great care of the boys. Her signing up to be “primary” for the boys made us feel better right away knowing that our boys were going to be well taken care of while in the NICU.

Hannah was also constantly helping Mom along the journey also. Mom wanted to breastfeed the boys as much as she could, so she started pumping as soon as she could, to make sure the boys got all the nutrients possible. Mom really struggled with this at first, and she worked and talked with lactation. Mom struggled even after talking with lactation and Hannah sat down, talking her through it and giving her great ideas and pointers that she had learned herself while she was nursing. Hannah talked about how often to pump, how well different creams worked and even making sure Mom was eating enough every day to help with nursing. As different nurses took care of the boys when Hannah had days off, she would make sure that they all knew how the boys and parents liked and needed to be taken care of. She truly cares for the babies and families that she takes care of day in and day out.

What an amazing 145-day journey we spent in the St Vincent’s NICU with our twin boys. We were extremely lucky and blessed that our boys had Hannah Thompson as their nurse and #1 primary. To us, Hannah went above and beyond every day in the NICU for our boys. We are grateful for her great explanations and teaching on different matters, for her consoling us through the tough days and celebrating with us on the milestones that they made. Hannah’s big smile and friendly personality, her knowledge and attention to the baby’s care, and her compassion for her job and families every day make her an outstanding nurse. We were blessed to have these boys come in our lives and blessed to have her as their nurse. Hannah will forever be in our hearts.