Hannah Reaves

Hannah Reaves, MSN, RNC-MNN

Mother Baby
Ascension Seton Medical Center Austin
Austin, Texas
United States
As a critical care RN myself, I feel Hannah just may have saved my daughter's life.

My daughter was readmitted to Seton, 9 days after giving birth with fever of unknown origin. After 2 days with no answers, Hannah stepped in as a staunch patient advocate to get things moving, get the MDs/residents to discuss, order, and get answers. In addition, my daughter's baby was ill (though not admitted) and Hannah fought for her welfare too.
As a critical care RN myself, I feel Hannah just may have saved my daughter's life. My daughter was later diagnosed with a right ovarian thrombosis and immediately started on anticoagulation.
We are forever grateful to Hannah for intervening and explaining to my daughter. She reassured my daughter that she and her daughter would get answers, recover, and get over this. Hannah was our miracle!
I was in the Mother Baby unit due to complications from my delivery in July. I was diagnosed with an ovarian vein thrombosis and required a long (in my experience) hospital stay. During this time, which was very traumatic for me, I also had a very jaundiced newborn that was requiring extra attention that roomed in with me.
Over my 6 day stay, I had over ten nurses attending to my care, but there is one who stands out as providing exceptional care and advocacy for me. Hannah Reaves was my nurse on Sunday and from the time she entered my room, she never stopped advocating for me. At this time in my care, the doctors did not know what was causing my elevated fever nor why I wasn't responding to antibiotics. Hannah took charge and demanded that I stop being treated for my symptoms and begin diagnostic testing. She also encouraged a team of doctors to come speak with me about my condition when I felt very in the dark about what was happening to me. I was scared, confused and felt very forgotten. Hannah answered my every question, was consistently present in my room and at the same time, made me feel like a friend. She made me feel reassured and confident that they would get to the bottom of my illness, I'd be treated and we'd be able to go home. By the end of her shift, I was diagnosed with an ovarian vein thrombosis via the diagnostic testing she pushed for and I began treatment. I do not know what I would have done without Hannah's presence that Sunday. My own mother, who is an ICU nurse, was incredibly impressed with her care and believes she made all the difference in jump starting my healing process.
While I know there are many exceptional nurses at SMCA, Hannah Reaves is elite, the best of the best. So much of a patient's hospital experience hinges upon the care they receive from their nurses, and without her, I know my time there would have been incredibly difficult and I would have carried the weight of it for a long time. As a mother of a newborn, being sent back to the hospital for a long stay would rank as one of the most stressful and difficult experiences, but Hannah made it less so and I will be eternally grateful for her care. She deserves all the praise you can lavish on her.