Haley Hahn

Haley Hahn

Haley Hahn, RN

Specialty Home Infusion RN
ARJ Infusion Services
Lenexa, Kansas
United States
One thing I know for sure is Haley has been our saving grace.

How can someone who was a complete stranger care so much? How can that stranger become a calming voice over another human being? Why would that stranger want to do a job that has many different doors?

I’m not even close to understanding those questions. One thing I know for sure is Haley has been our saving grace. I have no idea why she would want to come back to our house time and time again. The care that Haley has is amazing. She is always one step ahead of us in care. If I was to throw a concern card to her she comes back with a calm cool answer. 

How can she always see the better side? Haley always has a smile of warmth. Today was a normal infusion day, right? Wrong. Just when I feel comfortable with my daughter's port I received a slam of reality to my face. I was the uncalm one. I look over at Haley with the look of what just happened and her in her calm voice just helped calmed the issue.

Haley handling the situation like a champ. She makes a few calls to her supervisor and in a matter of moments, the situation is under control. I still, on the other hand, am in a slight shock of what to think. Haley, on the other hand, keeps telling me that we can do this and it will all work out.

I can’t thank Haley enough. Sometimes it’s the little things that count the most. She takes such great care of my daughter. My daughter is not always the best patient but with Haley, she sure can handle that teenage hemophilia mouth.

Understanding this life is not always easy but with ARJ it sure is easier. For that, I thank you. Keep up the amazing staff that you have. I thank God for them daily. Without you who knows where we might be. With you, I know at least someone has their head on straight!