Haley East

Haley East

Haley East, RN

Adult Intensive Care
Rio Rancho, New Mexico
United States

Recently I was privileged enough to work with Haley during an exceptionally challenging situation. On every occasion that Haley and I have worked together she is professional and caring, but this time she went above and beyond.

For three nights in a row, Haley cared for a young woman admitted to our unit who was eventually declared brain dead and became an organ donor. During this time, Haley established a trusting relationship with the family. Her care was essential in guiding them, not only through the organ donation process, but more importantly through their grieving process for their young daughter, sister and niece.

Haley competently performed the tasks given to her by organ donation to ensure as many lives as possible would be saved by the sacrifice of this loving family. She compassionately cared for her patient, as though she were alive and gave her the dignity all of us would want for ourselves and our loved one. Above all, Haley gave a part of herself to the family that sat at the bedside for two days grieving the brief life taken from them.

Haley connected on a very personal level sharing stories about herself as she and the patient both have a twin sister. She laughed and cried as she and the family shared similar stories of growing up with twins in the family. Haley looked at pictures, gave hugs and offered emotional support to the family. When it was time for the patient to be taken to the OR, the family gave their last goodbyes and Haley assured them that their sweet daughter would not be alone, but that Haley would walk with her, take her into the operating room and observe a moment of silence.

Haley gave unselfishly of her whole being to this family. She performed exceptionally as a nurse, a friend and an example of what we should all strive to be in caring for our patients and their families. Haley is an extraordinary nurse.