Haley Alexander

Haley Alexander

Haley Alexander, RN

University Hospital - Augusta, GA
Augusta, Georgia
United States

Haley started as a nursing student that precepted on our floor. When I first met Haley,I was taken aback by her maturity, her grace, her willingness to learn and her positive attitude toward being a nurse. We knew that Haley was the right fit for our organization. Haley has worked for our organization for a little under a year. During that time she has always provided superior care to her patients.

Haley always has a smile on her face, and constantly provides her patients with encouragement and motivation.

Recently, Haley cared for a patient that was diagnosed with terminal cancer. The family and the patient reported that they were very moved by the care and the compassion that Haley delivered. The patients' wife told me that "Haley was so sweet and so positive." She also said that "Haley has the sweetest smile, and was so funny, it was nice to be treated like a real person, and she was so authentic, it gave us all a few moments to think about the moments before the cancer diagnosis, to be looked at like a real human instead of a victim." The patient said that he felt like Haley was an angel sent to look after him.

As the charge nurse, I have witnessed Haley provided superior care to a number of our patients. She is frequently complimented on her infectious smile, her quick wit,and her compassionate care. Many patients report that she make their nights seem a little brighter. Haley serves as our patient's north star, guiding them through unknown territories, with her ray of hope. She helps our patients find their way to a meaningful recovery.

I believe that Haley is a very deserving of the DAISY Award. She personifies what it tis to be a caring nurse. She has a passion for her patients, and ensures that she provides them with encouragement with every interaction. Haley is truly a blessing to our patients and their families. Haley gives each individual she provides care to her full attention, her sense of humor and great care.