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H1 Medical Surgical Team

H1 Medical/Surgical Team of Mease Dunedin Hospital, RN, BSN, CMSRN, ONC and more

H1 - Medical Surgical Team
Mease Dunedin Hospital
Dunedin, Florida
United States

Several H1 nurses adopted a 6-year old girl for Christmas.  This brave little girl who was undergoing cancer treatment had been through a lot and deserved a Christmas blessed with family, friends, and presents from Santa.  Our nursing team worked on this project throughout November, donating money, toys, necessities, time and service, even engaging other team members from Mease Dunedin Hospital who joined our cause giving money, gifts and their services.  A gift wrapping party was held for all the gifts that our little girl would receive from Santa. 

On Christmas Eve day, the little girl was released from the hospital.  That night, Santa with his elf and Princess Elsa from Frozen rode down the street in her neighborhood in a Christmas-themed horse-drawn carriage.   H1 team members walked behind the carriage with Christmas music and jingling bells.  She and her family welcomed us in her driveway as we came loaded with gifts and good cheer. We were all witnesses to this sweet moment of a deserving little girl receiving her gifts.  Family, friends, and neighbors were present to see this Christmas Joy happening.  Princess Elsa sang the famous song, “Let It Go.” This special girl and her parents received an exciting trip to Busch Gardens; she received gift cards, toys, and clothes; she, her parents and grandparents also got to go on a carriage ride around the block with Santa, his elves, and Princess Elsa. 

For all the team members involved, it was a privilege and a blessing to be a part of making this little girl’s Christmas extra special. This is a Christmas story many of us will never forget.  Tears were flowing, and hearts were full of love and compassion.  Santa said he has never witnessed anything so special and was overwhelmed by this loving experience.  Our unit’s theme is “Teamwork Makes the Dream Work.”  This truly worked for this precious little girl, her family, and for all of us on H1.

 Team Members honored with this DAISY Team Award:

Alecia Janczak RN Project Coordinator

Rebecca Gama, LPN

Julie DeGraw, RN

Jeanne Moore, RN

Memorie Cox, RN