Gwendolyn Woods

Gwendolyn Woods, RN

JPS Cypress Clinic
JPS Health Network
Fort Worth, Texas
United States

Gwendolyn helps out all of the patients at our Cypress Clinic who need to speak to her. She takes an extra step in her daily work to help someone in need of medication vouchers, diabetes information and outside help to 211 emergency calls. Gwendolyn has made a huge difference at our Cypress Clinic. Patients know and love her.

We had a patient come in after the clinic was closed. The patient was upset because she was put out of PNS and she had no where to go. She is diabetic and she was in need of her medication. This patient also has anxiety. Gwendolyn calmed the patient down and called the police to come out to help this patient. She kept the patient calm until help came. She also stated to the patient that the police officer will take her to the 10th floor where she can get something for her anxiety and get a good nights rest and follow up with the cypress clinic to get the rest of her medications. The patient agreed to do that. The patient stated she loves and thanks Gwendolyn for taking time to help her and listen to her needs. This patient was so thankful.