Gwen Hedlund

Gwen Hedlund, RN

St. Joseph's Hospital Health Center (NY)
Syracuse, New York
United States

Not only is Gwen Hedlund a clinically excellent nurse, who is kind, caring and an advocate for her patients; but she is a leader on our unit – often helping new staff and serving as a mentor. She is attentive to her patients’ needs and really goes above and beyond for our patients and their families.
She recently did just that for one of our patients. This patient had been here for 3 months and Gwen had spent many an evening shift with him and his family. When it was brought to her attention that the patient’s daughter was going to be married (and soon, because her fiancé was to be sent to Afghanistan) and that she wanted her father to be there and give her away, Gwen stepped in to see what she could do. She arranged for a pastor (Gwen’s father) to come and officiate, sought the assistance of one of the staff to see about using the Chapel and let the family know that the wedding could take place here at St. Joseph’s with the patient present. Gwen came in for the wedding and helped to make sure the patient was safe and taken care of during the ceremony.
It was a beautiful moment for the patient and his family, he was able to see his daughter get married and be with his family one last time. The patient did pass away early the next morning, with a family so appreciative for their opportunity the day before and for the care that had been given to their loved one, and to them. Gwen was so instrumental in making that a possibility.