Gwen Dombowsky

Gwen Dombowsky, RN

Emergency Department
Good Samaritan Health Center
Merrill, Wisconsin
United States

On the morning of July 14, 2016, I was using my string trimmer along the creek that runs through our property. I was trying to reach some weeds that were next to the creek. I grabbed hold of a tree branch. As I leaned forward, the branch broke, and I fell on some rocks that were in the creek. I landed on rocks that hit my chest and face.

When I got to the Good Samaritan Emergency area, I was taken to a room where I met nurse Gwen Dombowsky. She quickly checked me and asked a lot of questions. The first thing she did was to get me some pain medication. I was having severe back spasms. She was very helpful and quickly made me feel safe and as comfortable as possible under the circumstances. She explained each step as I met the doctor, and had a CT scan of my chest. After the CT scan, she carefully cleaned the abrasions on my arms and face. After I met with the doctor, she went over the discharge instructions. She did a great job and explained what I needed to do and answered all my questions. She made me feel that I was important and not just a case number. Thank you, Gwen for the great care you gave me.


My mom was admitted to the Good Samaritan Health Center in Merrill, WI in December of 2016. She was later diagnosed with Afib, but at the time of admittance, we didn't know what was wrong. A cheerful, caring, RN named Gwen was there to assist her. She was helpful, kind, and truly seemed as if she cared about her patients. Throughout the day, Gwen kept us informed as to what the plan was with a host of knowledge and support. My mom and I just want to thank her and recognize her as a DAISY Nurse.