Guido Appelgren

Guido Appelgren

Guido Appelgren, RN, BSN

Burn ICU
Saint Barnabas Medical Center
Livingston, New Jersey
United States
His compassion and caring of my daughter was outstanding.

Guido’s care demonstrates excellent interpersonal skills and he is a true patient advocate. He is often assigned to challenging patients due to his ability to both connect with them and effectively address their needs. Examples of feedback from patients/families about Guido are as follows:

“I cannot say enough good things about Guido – he always takes the time to explain and answer my questions.”

“His compassion and caring of my daughter was outstanding…our family was in crisis when we heard our daughter was severely burned. Guido’s sensitivity to our needs, as well as his excellent care for my child was so appreciated.”

As manager of the burn unit, I have I the pleasure of working with many talented, caring nurse professionals. Guido is often mentioned by co-workers as someone they want to recognize for his positive attitude, teamwork and thoughtfulness. The burn physicians recognize his excellent critical thinking skills and decision making abilities. Guido is truly deserving of this award.