Greyson Clements

Greyson Clements

Greyson Clements, RN

Rex Cardiothoracic Surgery Specialists
UNC REX Healthcare
Raleigh, North Carolina
United States
Greyson is very empathetic and compassionate. The patients feel that.

Greyson is the ultimate patient advocate. She has an extraordinarily kind, calm, and nurturing demeanor with our patients. She cheerfully and willingly cares for our most complicated patients: those with frequent visits and complex wound management. Phone Triage is an extremely important aspect of the care we provide to our patients. Greyson has such a warm and encouraging phone presence. She continually goes the extra mile for our patients, many of whom have been “discharged” from our practice weeks prior, after resolution of their surgical issue. Many continue to call our Nurses’ Line with requests and questions that we strive to assist with even if it is merely getting them in touch with the correct provider or service.

Our nursing staff consistently receives excellent comments via CG-CAHPS. Greyson has the most mentions by name. A recent patient had this to say: “I truly think the world of Dr. K and his nurses. Greyson is great”. Another recent comment: “Greyson is the best ever: caring, knowledgeable, and gets back to you very fast on any questions”.

Greyson also maintains a casual RN position on 6 H & V. The unit manager said, “She does an excellent job with patient teaching. It is comforting for the patient to see a face from the office, to inpatient, to follow-up. She is very empathetic and compassionate. The patients feel that”.

For our patients in the Ambulatory setting, their inpatient episode is a blip on their journey with us. Our people, in our practice, are the constant for them. It is individuals like Greyson Clements, RN who provide the “high touch” in our increasingly technical and task-oriented environment. I enthusiastically recommend Greyson for this honor.