Gretchen Heglar

Gretchen Heglar, RN

Renown Regional Medical Center
Reno, Nevada
United States

Gretchen was an instrumental to care provided to both Sasha and her family during S's final days of life. S was in Sierra ICU for many days following a tragic motorcycle accident, and while most of the staff stood out to S and her family, Gretchen stood out the most. Gretchen rose to the challenge to provide excellent care in S's final days providing everything the family needed in preparing for Sasha's death. Gretchen made a genuine difference for this family during their time of need. Gretchen even arranged for pizza to be delivered to S's bedside allowing for precious extra family-time.

Since her death, I have spoken to S's husband and daughter and they state they will never forget all that Gretchen did for them in their time of need, adding you were the angel they needed the most during this time of crisis. Gretchen is one of the many reasons why Renown is a great place for great people to do great work.