Greg Williams

Greg Williams

Greg Williams, LPN

Medical Home
Madigan Army Medical Center
Tacoma, Washington
United States

I truly believe that no other profession offers the opportunity to make such a profound difference on the lives of people needing medical care, than that of a Nurse. Over the past three years of my assignment at Joint Base Lewis McChord, whenever I had any medical appointments/treatments at the Winder Clinic - Mr. Gregory Williams always inculcated Compassion, Advocacy, Commitment, Professionalism and Exceptional Care. As a patient, I have witnessed how Greg has not only intuitively cared for my mental and physical wellbeing, but to those same needs of all his patients. His professionalism as a Nurse has immensely contributed to the success and stability of the Winder Clinic and entire medical community.

Greg is truly an extraordinary nurse because he provides unparalleled care, understanding of patients needs, and never has any judgmental views. He has a strong ability to treat every patient with dignity and respect, which may be challenging at times because we all come from different walks of life, within all types of Military Occupational Specialties, and outright have an aptitude to be - quite unique.

We all recognize that Greg deals with the sick and injured on a daily basis, but no matter what, he shows them that he truly cares about each of their medical situations. Greg has an amazing understanding and professional approach about the patient's hospital experience, which I believe solidifies Greg as the bedrock for consistently improving patient care.

I know the medical profession is always busy but every time I receive care from Greg he is able to successfully carry out his duties, remain calm and think clearly under these circumstances. One particular appointment, about a year after recovering from major knee surgery, I was doing really poorly because my recovery from surgery was not going well. My overall mental viewpoint was impacting my demeanor that day. Greg immediately picked up on that and with his savvy ability to cheer someone up, he smiled, looked at me and said, "Sergeant Major, you are going to be ok and always remember it could be a heck of a lot worse." I was like are you kidding me and there definitely were no exchanges of LOL's passed around at that moment, but Greg was right, I was going to eventually be ok and it could have been much worse. I just remembered in that moment, it's his amazing attitude for his profession and interaction with his patients that brought that positive energy back into my day.

Greg has solid communication skills, which I think are a basic foundation and one of the most important aspects of the job. I have personally observed him effectively communicating with doctors and coworkers in a very fast-paced environment. Another great example was Greg's ability to articulate the expectations of one of my health visits. I remember sitting there explaining to him the various symptoms I was having and he did such a thorough job annotating notes that afterwards, he diagnosed my sickness and with his effervescent charisma and coolness, he put ease back into my stressful life. I was actually thinking to myself, man if this guy could only issue medicine there would never be a need to see the doctor.

Greg Williams is truly a stellar nurse who advocates for his patients and anticipates our needs. At least in my medical cases, his effective communication skills, in nursing or in general, have created a high level of patient satisfaction while preventing any medical mishaps.

Greg is a great nurse who knows how to perform all of his responsibilities with the utmost accuracy and detail. Every time I visit Winder, I observe him playing a major role in assessing and treating patients' medical conditions, and when dealing with the health of another human being, there is little room for error, he carries out his duties professionally at all times.

Greg Williams is a top notch professional who gives his all towards patients and the medical field. We are blessed to have such a professional nurse within our community, taking care of America's most valuable resource, the American Soldier and their families.