Greg Elledge

Greg Elledge

Greg Elledge, RN

Saint Joseph East Hospital
Lexington, Kentucky
United States
He is the true definition of a patient advocate.

Greg took care of me for a week in ICU and he made me feel at home and comfortable.  He has a natural talent for his job.  He is really good with people and works really hard.  He is a good guy and goes out of his way for the patients he cares for.


Greg is a fantastic nurse who always goes above and beyond for his patients. He does everything in his power to ensure that the patients in his care get the best, most appropriate treatments to meet their needs. He is the true definition of a patient advocate. Greg’s patients and families are always so complementary of the care he provides and how he treats them as if they were his own family. Greg has a way of making his patients feel calm and comfortable even in the most unnerving situations. He does an excellent job of explaining things to family members to help them to better understand what is going on with their loved one. Greg is also a great leader in the ICU. He is always helping others, even when he is busy himself. He is an excellent resource for newer nurses and will do anything he can to help anyone. Our ICU is lucky to have Greg as a member of our team!