Grace Chang

Grace Chang

Grace Chang, RN, BSN

Joint & Spine Center
UW Medicine Valley Medical Center
Renton, Washington
United States

On the day of my surgery, Grace came in as my night time nurse. I had very good care up to that point but immediately noticed that Grace was a cut above even that. She was cheerful, encouraging and seemed to take a very personal interest in my care. Even though she was busy, you would have thought I was the only patient on the floor.

Each time Grace came in, she was cheerful, helpful and patient. I apologized for her having to keep coming in, due to frequent trips to the bathroom, but she always said, “No problem, I want to help, it’s part of my job”. When she went off shift, I thanked her for her excellent care. She was just as pleasant then as when she came in the evening before.

During the entire prior night, she had been all about making me comfortable and helping me heal. She’s a keeper! Don’t lose her.