Golda Trompeta

Golda Trompeta

Golda Trompeta, RN

HCA - Chippenham Johnston-Willis Medical Center
Richmond, Virginia
United States
Golda's bedside manner was superb - professional, empathetic and genuine.

I was having an Angioplasty procedure at Chippenham Medical Center, which required an overnight stay due to the fact that I have a history of bleeding.  I have had three different cath procedures at three different hospitals, but the care I received at Chippenham's Cardiac IVCU is the reason for this nomination.

Over the course of my life, I had a 30-year military career and was in combat in two different wars so my body suffered wounds, trauma, and disease resulting in numerous hospitalizations requiring medical care from nurses.  Since retirement, old age has added to that tally as a result of several surgical procedures at three local hospitals.  These encounters have led to a profound appreciation that nursing is not a job or a career, but a "calling" differentiated by traits unique to nursing.  How a nurse cares for a patient, using verbal and non-verbal body language to communicate their concern is long remembered by patients.  A sincere greeting and smile, eye contact when answering questions, providing reassurance and by anticipating patient concerns convey to the patient that the nurse is the patient's advocate and protector in what otherwise is an alien and impersonal medical setting.

The "bedside manner" practiced by my nurses was exceptional.  In particular, Golda Trompeta deserves special recognition.

Nurse Trompeta was concerned about my bleeding history.  Despite her patient load, she found time to check the femoral site throughout the night.  In addition, I sometimes suffer from night sweats and twice during her night rounds she found that I had drenched the bed.  She suggested changing the bedding and my gown both times despite knowing that she had to do this chore because there wasn't an aide on the night shift.  Moreover, she did it cheerfully, but with great care to protect the femoral wound site.  Her bedside manner was superb - professional, empathetic and genuine.

I'd like to express my sincere appreciation for a job "Well Done"!