Gloria Barcelo-Sariol

Gloria Barcelo-Sariol, RN

Med/Surg 4NE
Virtua Memorial Hospital
Mount Holly, New Jersey
United States

Gloria is consistently recognized by her patient's during leadership rounds and during discharge phone calls. She is recognized mostly for her kind, compassionate, and caring ways. Gloria's positive attitude towards work, relationships with staff and patients is impressive. Gloria's interactions with her patients are amazing. She is very compassionate, caring, informative, does a great deal of teaching with her patient throughout the day. During leadership rounding the feedback is always positive, patients always talk about how much they love her, her vibrant attitude, and the way that she cares for them.

It is normal for Gloria to be fully present with her patients by sitting on the bed, hold their hands, or giving them hugs. Her conversations with the patients and her peers are always very uplifting. She works in a collaborative manner with the medical team to ensure the highest quality of care is provided for her patients.

No matter how busy she is during the course of her day she makes herself available to her peers if they need assistance. Her peers loving call her "Speedy Gonzales".