Glenn Evans

Glenn Evans, RN

Kaiser Permanente Vacaville Medical Center
Vacaville, California
United States

My husband was in the hospital and had Glenn as a nurse. He was wonderful, took time with my husband and made him feel like he was important, and most of all was kind and caring. He was also kind to me and we so enjoyed his company. He did his job so well I can't say enough good things about him. This is someone who knows what being a good nurse requires. Thank you, Glenn, and may God bless you!


Glenn is extremely helpful addressing my pain situation i.e., keeping me hydrated. He did not hesitate to get a hold of the doctor to address my needs and concerns. Thank you, Glenn!


Once the diagnosis of stroke was confirmed, my wife received tPA treatment. As we moved from the ED to the ICU, care was reassuring while in the ICU we were closely followed by several exceptional ICU nurses. I will forever appreciate the exemplary care from RN Glenn Evans. He comforted both my wife and me as we were both overwhelmed by what had happened that day, he embodies what the DAISY Award was created to recognize.


Glenn was professional and friendly from the moment I met him. He was sincere and knowledgeable in our conversations about the emergency back surgery I had. In our conversations and two shifts together, I found him to be compassionate about my humanity. Glenn cared about my care and advocated for me. I would like to see Glenn receive some type of monetary award and to be recognized in a public setting. He is a caring human being and deserves it!