Glen Navarra
December 2017
Post-Anesthesia Care Unit
Capital Health Medical Center - Hopewell
United States




Glen is a caring and compassionate nurse.  Our patients are recovering from anesthesia and most times do not remember the care they receive in the PACU, nor the nurse that cared for them.  Last week there was an elderly gentleman with a chronic wound who was recovering in the isolation room.  He was confused and weakly combative from medication, and his nurse was busy medicating him and doing the many nursing duties that are needed in PACU.  It was early morning and Glen did not have a patient yet.  He donned an isolation gown and went in to hold the patient’s hand, he ended up talking to him softly and stroking the man’s forehead.  This helped a little bit, but the man continued to be agitated.  Glen took out his cell phone and turned on music from the 1920’s and 30’s.  This familiar music helped greatly in making this man feel more comfortable.  Glen stayed with this gentleman for as long as he could to make the man feel like he was not alone.   This is one of many instances in which Glen goes above and beyond to make his patients feel more comfortable, not only with pain but just generally make them feel at ease in a setting that is very unreal and scary.  Many of his patients, who return for further surgeries, always ask for Glen to be their nurse on return visits.