Gladys Hill

Gladys Hill, RN

Beaumont Hospital Troy
Troy, Michigan
United States

Gladys exemplifies the standards of Beaumont in every way possible. As a manager she makes every effort to get team work accomplished. She steps in when need arises she is at the bedside to assist the staff in every way possible. For instance Gladys took an assignment of patient so none of the staff would feel overwhelmed thereby promoting team work and ensuring good patient care. Also on several occasions Gladys was actively involved in helping with "code" situations promoting patient safety and better outcomes for the patients. One of our patient's condition deteriorated and staff were coding the patient for more than 30 minutes Gladys was with the staff the entire time physically at the bedside, providing CPR for the patient with improved outcome noted. Gladys always takes the time and effort to provide emotional support to families of patients that have have been critically ill on the unit. She makes a point of speaking to each patient and/or family on the unit on a daily basis. She introduces herself and provides her card so that families can approach her as needed. She collaborates with the health care team daily and as needed for promoting unit productivity. She does not hesitate to help patient and staff in caring for patient whether it includes direct patient care or something simple as shaving the patient. Gladys is always available to mentor, teach and guide staff, sharing her years of critical care expertise. As a manager she is always pleasant and approachable to the staff members, ensuring everyone feels appreciated and valued.