Giselle Brown
August 2020
University Hospital
United States




I had surgery last Wednesday at University and I was concerned about everything from COVID to whether my care team, outside of my doctor, would meet my expectation of care.

Unfortunately, the climate we are currently functioning in creates additional anxieties and I was blessed to have all of mine quelled.

With that being said, I'd like to speak specifically about Nurse Ms. Brown...who was my phenomenal Post-Op caregiver. She met and exceeded all of my expectations!!! Her knowledge and understanding of what I needed for care as well as doing everything to ensure I walked out there was not missed; I could see her passion for patients' care.

I am a chronic pain patient, titanium in my C-Spine and L spine damage, who is terrified of feeling any pain! If I cannot control it mentally or with as little medication as possible, I must have a calming environment for my pressure start to stabilize and she provided that through her professionalism and bedside humor!!

May I say it was also a pleasure to have a nurse you can laugh with even after a painful procedure. Nurse Brown would not leave me and that made my husband feel a sense of comfort especially when he could not be there, she was my family's eyes and ears. For that, I am grateful. I want you to know what an amazing staff member you have.

Simply put, these are very different times we are functioning in and it dictates certain things for one's personal comfort, someone actually seeing you and recognizing your human worth. Nurse Brown did that for me last Wednesday much as she did it for your hospital.  I could not allow her moment with me to not be brought to light. Please let her know I truly appreciated her care. I recognized her human worth.