Gima Carteciano

Gima Carteciano

Gima Carteciano, RN, BSN

Washington Regional Medical Center
Fayetteville, Arkansas
United States
Their ability of the staff to engage the patients with warmth and concern is a vital part of the patients' improvement and recovery.

I must say I am both impressed and amazed at the extraordinary fine staff on the med/surg floor.  I imagine that this is the case throughout the hospital.  I feel the ability of the staff to engage the patients with warmth and concern is a vital part of their improvement and recovery.  Somehow you have succeeded in impressing this on the staff here because they are very consistent with their fine care.  Or the other possibility is you have just hired the nicest people in the world. 

I am going through a very difficult and challenging time at home in my personal life and with a long hospital stay – without your cheerful and attentive staff – this would have been a gloomy addition to my troubles now. 

David Degroot, RN and Gima Carteciano, RN have the ability to engender a team spirit on their shift so you feel you are getting the best of care and that they are working to be sure you receive it.  They are very knowledgeable and good at patient teaching.  I had lots of questions and they patiently answered them all.  They both display a level of skill and confidence that was comforting and dispelled any anxiety I had about my hospital stay.  They maintained good communication with my doctor which furthered my confidence that the entire team was working together in my best interest.  They both maintained an exceptional energy level that did not diminish towards the end of the shift.  Anything I wanted or needed was attended to quickly and efficiently.  Their friendliness, compassion, and empathy was wonderful.  I felt spoiled!