Gilda Galdo

Gilda Galdo, RN

Kaiser Permanente South San Francisco Medical Center
South San Francisco, California
United States

Gilda is one of the highest performing RNs we have at night shift in NW. She makes all the right decision for the patient and for the unit as a whole even without consulting me or the supervisor on duty. At the same time she consistently knows when to escalate issues appropriately. I have observed her having meaningful conversations with patients because every time she does listen; she listens with her heart and mind that she is able to provide them with what they really need when they really need it. Her documentation is almost perfect that she is a good resource for her peers when they are uncertain. She expects no less than perfection from everyone around her but more importantly she herself does not provide mediocre patient care but a patient-centered, compassionate, and quality care to all the patients that come her way either through being a Relief RN or a primary nurse.

We, as night shift team, are happy to have such a very caring, committed and very skilled team member, Gilda.