Giffrey Babas
August 2020
Clinical Transplant Coordinator
Yale New Haven Hospital
New Haven
United States




Giffrey is a superstar on our liver transplant team! He is compassionate, dedicated, hard-working, and unassuming. His ability to multi-task, efficiently provide comprehensive care, and follow through on details of patient care which are critical for our patient population are unique. He is flexible and always makes himself available to providers on our team and to his patients.

Giffrey truly treats his patients as he would his family. He is empathetic and goes above and beyond for all of them. He makes them feel comfortable and provides them direct access to reach him at all times. I could provide endless examples but will focus on a few to highlight his dedication.

One of our young adult patients, Mr. JA, suffered with life adjustment post-transplant and PTSD from his experience with acute liver failure, this led to a strained social circumstance for the patient and non-compliance impacting his health. Giffrey frequently communicated with this patient to try to optimize compliance, met with him for lunches to provide support, helped to arrange gas cards to allow transportation to visits, and personally engaged with the patient’s family members to increase support. Another patient of ours Mr. MS suffered a complicated post-transplant course with recurrence of hepatocellular carcinoma. Giffrey met the patient and his wife in various departments through the hospital to provide support during testing and treatment sessions.

Giffrey organized a graduation party at the transplant center for a young adult patient of our Mr. CL who completed his nursing degree during his chronic and severe illness awaiting a re-do liver transplant.

Though Giffrey is currently assigned to the post-transplant population he is often called upon to help providers and other nursing colleagues for our broader patient population- i.e. pre-transplant and hepatobiliary population because he is the “go-to person” on our team, always willing to provide his expertise to help, and never noting that it is beyond his direct responsibility. Some examples are assistance with providing difficult IV access, wound care, arranging therapy plans, ensuring medication access.

Giffrey has assisted me in effectively communicating with some of my pre-transplant patients, alleviating their fears surrounding transplant, and helping to arrange contact patients who have successfully undergone transplant to serve as a support.