Gia Allen

Gia Allen

Gia Allen, BSN, RN

Telemetry Unit
Mercy Gilbert Medical Center
Gilbert, Arizona
United States

I would like to share how awesome of a nurse Gia Allen is.

I’ve been in and out of the hospital a lot, having Crohn’s disease and chronic kidney failure. So one morning, I broke down. I was very sad and crying over a personal issue. It was middle of shift change and very busy, Gia saw how upset I was and crying. She stepped in the middle of everything, gave me a hug, that meant the world to me. At that moment, I was like her only patient.

Gia is a very compassionate, caring nurse, and her smile and soft words calmed me down. She has a heart of gold, very intelligent, and light hands. She is very gentle. When she had to clean my wound or give an injection, I never felt a thing, a very gentle and compassionate human being.

Gia always - and not just with me, but all of her patients - checks on her patient and always sees if I need anything.

I am honored to be one of her patients.