Ghada Alselehdar

Ghada Alselehdar

Ghada Alselehdar, RN, BSN, CCRN

Morristown Medical Center
Morristown, New Jersey
United States

My Brother "RT" was in your hospital from Memorial Day until his passing on June 5th, 2014. I flew into NJ on June 1st and Ghada Alselehdar was my brother's nurse a good portion of the time. All of the staff of the ICU was very nice, however, I am nominating Ghada because of how she went above and beyond to explain things to me and my brother's family. I know it was no easy task some days due to my brother having so many visitors. There was the challenge of only 2-3 visitors allowed in the room at a time and the HIPPA law. I have worked in nursing homes for over 20 years, however we don't have a limit on visitors in the nursing home setting. Ghada was very polite and explained to everyone who she could relay certain information to, so the family gave any questions we had. The limitation on visitors in the room was tough since it was becoming apparent that my brother was dying. We tried to take turns and go into the room 2 at a time while the rest of the family (sisters, daughters, sons-in -law, nieces and other relatives and friends) stayed in the visitor's lounge.

I know I broke down one day because they wouldn't let me in to see my brother when I first got to the hospital after flying in from Michigan. I stopped off on the unit to talk to my sister and to calm down, but somehow someone was aware of what the family was going through. I am not sure if it was Ghada, but later that day the doctors did talk to my niece and my brother's girlfriend and the sign for 2 visitors was taken down and we were all allowed to stay in the room (sometimes 4 to 6 of us at a time), but there was no longer a limit. Ghada did come in shortly after the sign came down and apologized that she had to limit us and that she was in charge of the unit and had to follow the rules, but she was also relieved that she didn't have to limit the visitors any longer.

Ghada was kind to our family and always treated my brother kindly. Ghada was on staff the day his daughters had to make the decision to take my brother off the respirator, treatments and IV, not an easy decision. She was there to see his eyes open once or twice and move his toes or arm at times. Ghada is very friendly and knowledgeable, kind and seems to be always busy and hard working. It was good to see how she explained things to my brother's daughters (my nieces) during this confusing and tough time. He was loved and is missed. Many thanks Ghada!