Genia Ashwood

Genia Ashwood

Genia Ashwood, RN

Carolinas HealthCare System - Lincoln
Lincolnton, North Carolina
United States

I nominate Genia Ashwood for her display of excellent customer service. She learned that a patient was upset because she had left her makeup at home. Genia partnered with her manager and they presented the patient with makeup and a necklace.

Genia learned that another patient was celebrating her birthday and anniversary at the hospital. The gift shop was closed but that didn't stop Genia. She shopped in her office. It had recently been her own birthday so she found a stuffed animal from her HF giveaways; tied her birthday balloon to it and gave it to the patient. The patient was moved to tears.

These are just recent examples of Genia's quest to make a difference to the patients. Genia thinks of things that patients will remember and delivers. She sets a great example for others to follow to make a difference and create a lasting memory.