Gem Snagg

Gem Snagg

Gem Snagg, RN

NYC Health + Hospitals - Kings County
Brooklyn, New York
United States
Gem's dedication and commitment and her caring attitude saved me.

Miss Snagg is a witness to how far I came in my battle with cancer. I was admitted to the ICU after getting a blood infection during my chemo treatment. My blood pressure was dropping and my fever was going higher. I was dying when I arrived in the ICU. I was placed on a heart monitor and given oxygen. Before I got to the ICU, the doctor asked if my heart should stop beating if they should resuscitate me and I said "yes!" I came to meet Miss Snagg, though, after I had an issue and asked to speak with someone in administration. Miss Snagg came to speak with me and was able to resolve the situation. Her dedication and commitment and her caring attitude saved me. I spent three days in the ICU and she came to visit me every day.

When I was better and was moved to the 4th floor, she continued to visit daily. She told me my blood count was 0.1 and the fluids were keeping me alive. I said it was her company.

I have to say thank you for all those visits to uplift me during the battle for my life. May she be a beacon of light for many as she walks the hallways of Kings County. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her work and love of whatever she does. It is a joy to know her and to share my journey with her. I will love you always, Miss Snagg!