Gayla Binder

Gayla Binder

Gayla Binder, BSN, CPN

Hays Medical Center
Hays, Kansas
United States

...I have observed Gayla many, many times as I have circulated through the pediatric department. She has a calming effect on parents of a sick child as well as her patient. Her soft spoken but confident voice assures families that she is an experienced nurse that efficiently gives nursing care in a compassionate way. She educates parents on medicines, procedures, doctor's orders, etc. in a way that people can easily understand.

I have also seen her leadership skills as she helps nursing students who are assigned to her area and new orientees to HMC. Again, she answers questions and takes every opportunity to be a teacher/role model especially for new and student nurses. She works well with PCTs/others nurses and shares the workload with them.

I have also witnessed her from the aspect of patient family and as a patient. She was one of the nurses who cared for my infant grandson this summer on an admission for dehydration. She explained everything very well to my daughter and her husband. Again, her calm demeanor helped to decrease some of the anxiety my daughter was feeling in a caring way. This was a great help to grandma too! The way she interacted with my grandson shows how much she enjoys taking care of children. The children all respond well to her.

I was also a surgical patient in her area in September of this year. Prior to my admission, I told the charge nurses of the surgical unit that if any overflow patients needed to be placed in the Peds area, I would volunteer to be back there. I have seen how well Gayla and the other Peds nurses take care of post op adult patients. I ended up on the Peds unit and Gayla was my nurse on the day of surgery, as well as the next day until my dismissal. She quietly and efficiently provided all the appropriate nursing care. She frequently assessed my level of pain and offered pain medication. Due to a difficult intubation, I had a very sore throat and was having difficulty swallowing. When I tried to eat later that evening, I had difficulty getting the food down and became choked which resulted in a coughing episode. She immediately came to the room when my husband called and stayed with me until the coughing stopped and I felt like I was breathing better. Being a nurse myself, I felt somewhat embarrassed to be "so much trouble," but Gayla offered assurances that I was doing fine. She later encouraged me again that I was doing well after I took a long walk in the hall that evening. When I was dismissed the next day, she made sure I understood all my post-op instructions.

She also cared for my husband several years ago following an appendectomy and he too received the same expert and compassionate care.