Gail Boothe

Gail Boothe, RNC

Women's & Children's Unit
Confluence Health
Wenatchee, Washington
United States

I would like to nominate Gail Boothe, RN, RNC, in our Women’s & Children’s Unit. Gail was recognized by a co-worker and it is a true example of a DAISY nurse. During a high census period, one of our premie moms who lived out of town with limited financial support needed a local place to stay. Gail brought this mom home (and even the dad sometimes) to stay with her for over a week. When the mom couldn’t drive, Gail would bring her and take her home even on her days off. This is just one example of how Gail touches her patients and is truly a DAISY Nurse.

Winnie Warren, RN, BSN, Director
Women’s & Children’s Unit