Frank Corvaia

Frank Corvaia

Frank Corvaia, RN

Carolinas Medical Center and Levine Children's Hospital - Charlotte
Charlotte, North Carolina
United States

...Frank's tender bedside manner and attention to the emotional needs of the patient and family are well respected and admired.

I (nurse manager) received a phone call from the mother of a terminal oncology patient on 4 Tower. The patient's mother called to tell me about the tremendously caring nursing staff on the unit but specifically she wanted to highlight Frank. The patient's mother told me that her son is gravely ill and was preparing to go home to wife and young children with now a left-sided weakness which was very uncomfortable and possibly distressing to his young kids who would see Dad so weak.

His arm hung lifelessly at his side from what was a strong and capable man. Frank made a point of suggesting a sling to both support the arm as well as "not make it so scary" for the kids to see Dad having his arm hang lifelessly. Frank had a difficult time locating a sling and soon, she stated, it was discharge time and they were leaving. The patient's mother stated she figured they would ask the doctor's office at the next visit and they prepared to leave. The mother stated "we were getting into the car in the rain and low and behold here came Frank running to the car out in the horrible weather with the sling. He explained to them he had to go to 3 units before he found what he was looking for (since slings are not kept on 4 Tower) but he didn't want them to go home without it."

She continued to elaborate "it was that kind of care and compassion from the staff that makes me look back at his hospitalization with a smile even though it was a very scary time for us. I know in my heart that when/if he goes back he has a family of caregivers on 4T who know how to do all the right things and say the right things but it is how they made us FEEL that made a difference.

Frank's extraordinary commitment to the "little things" made him an exceptional nurse and his heartfelt gesture was "DAISY Worthy" in the eyes of this family.