Francesca Borja

Francesca Borja, RN

Float Pool
Clara Maass Medical Center
Belleville, New Jersey
United States

Francesca is my tiny angel! While being admitted I got the horrible call that my daughter had been brought to the hospital with a 103 fever and vomiting. I thought about sneaking out of my room, I was so worried and panicking as a mother would. It brought me to tears. Francesca followed me into my room and said, "Ok, come on. I feel horrible." I must have thanked her the whole way to my daughter's room and back. She's my only child. I just wanted to hug her and reassure her that even though I couldn't be physically present, I was there, and she'd be in great hands at Clara Maass, just like I was. Thank you so much, Francesca, from the bottom of my heart, I'll never forget that!