Frances Gomez

Frances Gomez, RN

Family Birth Place
West Suburban Medical Center
Oak Park, Illinois
United States

My wife and I delivered a stillborn child in January. Frances saw us through the delivery process, and could not have been better. She exhibited the perfect balance of strength and compassion throughout the entire process. She bathed and dressed our 36 week old angel with the utmost care, making him look perfect for final goodbyes. But, what really touched us, is the attention she paid my wife after the delivery. My wife was anxious about going to sleep after having a day's worth of pain medication go through her system. She felt that she may not wake back up. Knowing this, Frances sat by her bedside the ENTIRE night. Seeing Frances by her side when we would occasionally wake, allowed us to feel protected and get the sleep we so desperately needed. God bless that woman!