Fourth Floor - Medical /Pediatrics of Colquitt Regional Medical Center

Fourth Floor - Medical / Pediatrics

Fourth Floor - Medical /Pediatrics of Colquitt Regional Medical Center, RNs and More

Medical / Pediatrics
Colquitt Regional Medical Center
Moultrie, Georgia
United States

This group of nurses consistently goes above and beyond to meet the needs of their patients, patients’ families, and each other.  They work well together and have earned the respect of the Physician group, Mid-level group, and most importantly the patients they care for daily. They are willing to do anything that is asked of them and have often been known as the “Go to Team”. They are eager to bring issues to the table daily that will improve work flow, promote a culture of Safety, and improve communication with the Physicians, other Departments, and each other.  Each member of this team is dedicated to Colquitt Regional Medical Center’s Mission Statement and brings it to fruition every day.

Accountability is taken seriously within this team, and I credit their openness to each other as one of their best attributes. Yes, at times the work environment can be overwhelming for them. However, their commitment to team building and exceptional care does carry through even on the busiest of days.  I would be less than honest to say every day is perfect and the work relationships are perfect. I can honestly say though, I have seen this group of nurses rise above their own frustrations with each other to make a difficult situation better. I consider their ability to “agree to disagree” another attribute that makes their team stand out.

This team has endured many personal obstacles in the past year. Each and every time they supported each other and their families in every obstacle. There was a time when this team had multiple people out for leave of absences due to circumstances beyond their control. I cannot tell you just how much this team came together to pick up extra shifts, feed families, donate PTO, and collect monies to help their coworkers. One of the ways taught to increase Patient Satisfaction Scores is to manage up coworkers. This team not only manages up each other they have actually held onto each other and have stood in the gap for those who have faced difficult times.

Caring comes naturally to this team. I have witnessed them come together and provide Christmas for a patient and his family. They collaborated with the Patient Satisfaction Director and had Christmas dinner provided for the entire family. The grandchildren were able to have toys from Santa because of this group. You would have found it hard to say who was more joyful that day the patient or the nurses on 4th Floor.

I have witnessed them time and again reach out to those hurting with random acts of kindness. One of our nurses actually brought clothes for one of their Turning Point patients to have as she began her road to recovery. She arrived here with literally nothing but the clothes on her back. She left us with a wardrobe fit for a Queen and the boots and shoes to match. This one act of kindness was done with love and respect for a hurting soul. How did I find out about this act of kindness? I rounded on this patient while here, and as she was leaving she shared with me what someone had done for her. The person doing this would never had wanted anyone to know she had been so kind. She was often the first to give when someone was in need and often began the crusade to help those in need.

I have seen nurses, as well as their coworkers take money out of their pockets to give to a mother headed to Atlanta with her baby so she would have money to eat, make long distance calls, and not leave here empty handed.

I have seen a nurse cook a special meal for one of our patients on her day off. He had been here for an extended amount of time and was diagnosed with cancer. His family was with him around the clock and it was his birthday. This nurse made a difficult time in their lives better because she took the time to give of herself.

I have seen a nurse work all night and then wait until a movie store opened to rent 20 cowboy movies for a patient. Talk about a grand round that morning!

I have seen nurses take food, flowers, paper goods and whatever else was needed to a family whose loved one had expired on our floor. I have seen them remain in contact with those family members encouraging them and helping them through the grieving process.

I have seen these nurses advocate for those patients who were alone and had no one else to be here for them. I have seen them fight for those patients who had no fight left. I have seen them cry with families and laugh with families. I have seen them move out of their comfort zone to reach out and make someone’s life better.

I have seen a nurse come in on her day off to help assist a family in getting her patient outside to see her sister who has just received a bone marrow transplant and did not need to come inside a hospital. This very well may be the last time this sister was able to visit her sister.

I have had nurses leave the hospital to go buy a tub for a baby that needs a long overdue bath. I have seen them buy soaps, shampoos, lotions and clothes to dress this baby. I have seen them sit with an infant so the mother can leave the room just for a minute or two.

Teamwork is defined as the combined action of a group of people, especially when effective and efficient. I think the Fourth Floor Nursing Staff is an example of this definition. I see them work effectively and efficiently daily. To end, I would like to quote Helen Keller. “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”. Fourth Floor, Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to see firsthand just how much together can do because of your commitment to provide exceptional care daily to all who enter these doors. Also, thank you for your commitment to making a difference in the lives of so many because you took the time to give of yourselves to heal the broken hearted, discouraged, and alone. I applaud your teamwork. Each of you are my heroes.


4th Floor Team – Excellent team work approach, willing to do the best for our patients/their families, always asking for ways to improve education/patient safety. Working hard and making sure we offer the best evidence base medicine, high quality medical care to our pediatric patients. All the nurses are very respectful, have a positive attitude.


The hospital stay at Colquitt Regional Medical Center was the most pleasant hospital stay that I have ever had.  Charge nurses were excellent.  Barbara and other charge nurse were very professional and treated me with such kindness and courtesy.  Went far and beyond to make sure I received utmost care.  I have never been in a facility that was always a step ahead to see that I was cared for with compassion and care.  This hospital gets a five star approval from me.  If I ever have to be hospitalized again, I hope I am a patient at Colquitt Regional Medical Center. 


The staff on Fourth Floor are like family, I have known most of them since I was a child.  I am admitted many times throughout the year and I always prefer to be placed on Fourth Floor.  This past Christmas the staff collected around $800 to purchase gifts for the babies, grocery items and also gave us some cash.  They are always good to me.

The following members were honored with this DAISY Team Award:


Karen Hart

Tammy Horne

Donnie Grier

Carey Mullis

Melinda Allegood

Emma Hankins

Kelly Holton

Emily Akin

Erin Lane

Phyllis Webb

Kayla Giddens

Brandi Moorman

Margarita Moreno-Mandujano

Kacey Merritt

Melinda Sanderson

Heather Weeks

Yvonne Smith

Sam Batista

Jessica Cohran

Ansley Gittens

Barbara Davis

Sonja Marie Cavin

Carolyn Rigsby

Tina Collins

Jeri Webb

Jayme Burch

Cheryl Boyette

Kristen Zinker



Cynthia Baisden

Rebecca Mims

Shawn Howell

Austin Williamson

Rebekah Maness


Nurse Assistants:

Ida Townsend

Lacey Zeigler

Ariel Stanton

Jessica Hayes

Mercy McIntyre

Casea Rodriguez

Kristina Griffis

Kennedy Sikes

Courtney Wallace

Whitney Karvonen

Carol Cooley

Mary Lynn Hayden

Nakatia Office

Martin Baker

Patsy Morris

Chelsea Whitaker

Brittany Turner

Bailey Faison

Krystle Sapp

Jennifer Chastain


Lisa Hewitt, Case Management

Ward Secretary,

Carolyn Lawton

Tina Fields

Courtney Russell

Shelby Wilkerson