November 2017
Founders 12 Advanced Medical Nursing
at Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Founders 12
Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
United States




My sister, T, was transferred from an outside hospital for acute care at Penn by the Derm and Internal Med Team. Her potential diagnosis was Stevens Johnson Syndrome from a drug reaction to antibiotics. My sister walked into the local hospital 12 hours before arriving at Penn. On arrival here, she was unable to ambulate and had a rash on over 90% of her body. Throughout the course of her stay, she became very ill. Her diagnosis changed to DRESS Syndrome with an unknown underlying autoimmune disease that inflamed her joints, making mobility extraordinarily difficult.

The nursing care she received while at Penn was nothing short of extraordinary. The bedside manner of each of her RNs was knowledgeable, calm, and assuring. The kindness toward my sister, with the uncertainty of her diagnosis, was palpable. She became a fascinating case with consults from Optho, Gyn, Rheumatology, and ENT. Her care was spearheaded by Misha Rosenbach MD of Derm and Internal Medicine. The nurses made sure that all of the consults and the team had a coordinated care plan. The nurses managed her pain, her skincare, her critical vital signs, her sleep regimen, her fevers, her intake and output, her nutrition, and her activity. Most importantly, they were so compassionate in their manner. The kindness was so reassuring. There were tears, there were hugs, and there eventually were smiles. My sister was discharged a couple of weeks later. The care she received from the team of nurses on Founders 12 was exceptional. They are the reason she was able to come home ambulatory and rash free. We are forever grateful.