Florenz Avegell Paclibar

Florenz Avegell (Ave) Paclibar

Florenz Avegell Paclibar, RN

9 South - Oncology Unit
St. Luke's Medical Center Global City
Ave treated me and my sister as friends rather than as a patient.

Ave came to my room with a big smile, even with a mask I could see the smile. For a patient like me who has never been confined this was very comforting. When I needed assistance at night, she made sure that I was back in bed carefully tucked in before leaving the room. She treated me and my sister as friends rather than as a patient; all the nurses did a good job, but she stands out because she would go out of her way to see how I was doing. Those evenings when I feel so miserably itchy, she would gently rub my back as if to say it's okay, everything would be okay. It was like she understood what I felt and was genuinely glad to be my nurse.


Ave was my first nurse and she was the first nurse that change my concept with them. I know nurses are good but never expected they could be beyond that. Ave is very caring, and she shares story like we've known each other for so long. When I had a very bad issue with my taste buds and sense of smell, she was first to introduce that I can request food, even daily so I can adjust. She likes to give tips and offer without asking.


Upon admission, Miss Ave was the bedside nurse of my husband. She showed holistic care to my hubby. She knows what she is doing despite their workload. She can balance all her duties and responsibilities with grace. Always smiling with a pretty fresh face and very accommodating BN. Looking forward to being under your care again next visit.