Flor Amaya
May 2015
Medical Surgical
Homestead Hospital
United States




Flor Amaya deserves this award for many reasons. First, she brings out the best in all of us. Her positive attitude and enthusiasm is infectious. She always has a smile on her face. Each morning she reads us inspirational quotes or excerpts to motivate us to do our best in our daily work. She encourages each member of the staff to do their best without showing preference. Also, she leads by example. There is nothing that she isn't willing to help with on the unit, whether it is assisting us to care for unstable patient, calling doctors, starting IV's or even bringing someone a pillow or a glass of water. She recognizes the hard work that we each do individually and is always providing encouragement. When dealing with patients, she shows exceptional empathy. She will go out of her way to solve problems when patients express concern. She will take the time to listen. She's extraordinary when it comes to dealing with difficult patients. On many occasions you can see her holding a patient's hand or wiping their tears. She will make coffee or move furniture to make family members comfortable. She is like a little worker bee, always on her feet. Flor is someone who takes a unique interest in the well being of her staff, whether be it at work or in personal life. She is considerate and compassionate. One of our staff member's mother was admitted to the hospital, Flor went out and bought her a bathrobe and slippers so she would be more comfortable. She will call you at home when she knows you're out sick. She asks about your kids, not to make small talk, but because she genuinely cares. She remembers birthdays. On rough days when the staff is overwhelmed she'll buy lunch for everyone so we can feel some sense of relief. She fights for fair staffing when the unit's staff is weighed down with difficult patients. She is someone who you can trust to help you make difficult decisions, whether it be to manage patient care or as a friend. She is someone who draws you in, who you can seek advice from and never feel judged. She always has open arms and an open heart. She will encourage you to take on new things, whether be it returning to school or learning a new skill. She doesn't do things for you, she teaches you how to do them for yourself and she does it patiently and always with a positive attitude; and once she's taught you she instills her infectious confidence in you. She's a great leader.