Fawn Cadavid

Fawn Cadavid, RN

Infection Prevention and Control
University Medical Center (TX)
Lubbock, Texas
United States

Fawn Cadavid, RN, recognized a visitor at the information desk that had been a previous patient at UMC. Fawn had actually performed some patient education for this patient when hospitalized prior to discharge. She found this patient asking for assistance at the information desk because she had misplaced her appointment card. Fawn went up to the patient, called her by name, and asked her how she could help her. After a series of questions, Fawn determined which physician she had the appointment with and escorted her to the appointment in the Health Sciences Center (a building away). While Fawn was visiting with the patient further, she discovered the patient needed some disposable supplies that the clinic did not have available. She then went back to her office, obtained the necessary supplies and assisted the clinic nurse for further application. Upon completion of her visit, Fawn realized that the patient needed to take the bus to another city two hours away. Fawn was concerned that the patient may have missed the bus so she called the bus service to obtain pick up times on behalf of the patient. The patient was very grateful for Fawn's assistance physically and emotionally. This is an outstanding example of how "Service is Our Passion" is exemplified by our July DAISY Award Honoree, Fawn Cadavid, RN. Congratulations!