Exaltacion Arispe

Exaltacion Arispe, RN

2 East
Houston Methodist San Jacinto Hospital
Baytown, Texas
United States

Exaltacion Arispe was recognized for her dedication to providing the best in patient care. She stood out above all of the rest and the family members of a patient were was so appreciated of all that was done. The patient had to be transferred from one unit to another. Even when Exaltacion was not assigned to the patient any longer, she still would come down to check on the patient and also to see how the family was doing. The patient became terminally ill and eventually passed away in the hospital. During that time, she would sit by the patient and also assist the family. For a special memory, she made a hand mold of the patient who was dying to give to the family. They wanted San Jacinto Methodist Hospital to know how much that meant to them and to thank the hospital for outstanding care and compassion. Even after the patient passed away, she would check on the family to see how they were doing.