Evelyn Correa

Evelyn Correa

Evelyn Correa, RN, BSN, PCCN

Progressive Care
Banner Estrella Medical Center
Phoenix, Arizona
United States

When my husband came into the ER, his blood pressure was sky high, and he was violently throwing up. He is brand new to the peritonal dialysis, have not even done it at home yet. Evelyn took her time to show me, hands on what to do and how to do it. She told me why you do it a certain way, and she answered any and all my questions. She did this for me and my husband for most of our stay. And you know that every time she left, she would ask us if there were anything she could do or get for us to make us feel more comfortable. Her attitude was remarkable. My husband is not always very friendly, but no matter what was said or done, she maintained a highly acceptable and professional manner. I myself felt a sense of relief and kind of joy when she came to our room.


Every situation with Evelyn is wonderful. She's kind and soft spoken to not only her patients but her coworkers as well. She has the biggest heart and puts everyone before herself. She'll do everything she can to make her patients comfortable and that all of their needs are met. Her bedside manner is outstanding. Patients always have a smile on when she leaves the room. She brings this amazing energy that's positive and refreshing to the work place. I love working with her.