Eva Balboa

Eva Balboa, Staff Nurse

Surgical-Trauma ICU
University Health System - San Antonio
San Antonio, Texas
United States

Eva Balboa – SN II - SICU

All of the nominators and the patients felt that Eva was truly a patient advocate-she was always there for them- usually anticipating their needs before they were aware of them. Her manner was always very professional but friendly. The patient felt she went "way above and beyond to help him after his accident". He stated" if Eva hadn't been taking care of me, I probably would not have survived". This was a paper nomination. Submitted by Nanette Larson, Amy Reyna, Debbie Standard, Jeffrey Moore, and a patient. Eva personifies all of the attributes of compassionate care. She is truly a sentry, healer, guide, teacher, collaborator and leader. She provides high quality, family centered care while upholding all UHS standards. Her actions always demonstrate a primary commitment to the patient.She supports the client and family through their unique grieving process, through listening and being with them.She encourages the client and family to ask questions and provides honest answers. She always takes the initiative and conveys a strong sense of advocacy in supporting patients and families.