Eugene Chapa

Eugene Chapa, RN

In patient Psych
Raymond G. Murphy VA
Albuquerque, New Mexico
United States

Gene Chapa has integrity and is trustworthy. Excellent in helping me cope with the medicine and explained why and what they were for. Gene listens to me and was a great advocate, never interrupting me as I spoke about my disturbing life. He respected my feelings, even ones that were about my visions of Jesus Christ and the devil. This helped me feel like I could trust Gene and I know I feel like Gene believed what I said.

I believe that Gene is truly professional with a demeanor of someone who is treating us as "normal" patients. Gene is very professional and has always addressed me with the highest respect. I believe that Gene strives to improve the care given on this ward, which must be difficult given the different situation that each individual has.

Integrity, Commitment, Advocacy, Respect, Excellence, ICARE : Gene has exceeded all of this! Above and Beyond an RN's duties. Gene is one DAISY up above the rest. Excellent worker and very knowledgeable. Gene maintains all the ICARE principles giving tender care, while keeping everyone in line.