Ethan Tribbett

Ethan Tribbett

Ethan J Tribbett, RN

IU Health White Memorial Hospital
Monticello, Indiana
United States
Ethan applied pressure for at least 1.5 hours if not longer.

Thanks for your help with my son last night he was sure a tough case; especially to nurse “Dude”, as my son called Ethan. He made a special connection with my son and was the best arm holder, during this difficult time. I’m guessing he applied pressure for at least 1.5 hours if not longer.  We finally got to Riley about 11:30; a plastic surgeon was called in immediately. The procedure took about 2 hours to complete. My son did sever his radial artery and also had partial cut to a tendon. In the end, he has full motion of fingers/thumb/wrist and should make a full recovery. Thanks to Ethan Tribbett.


I was swamped with tasks to complete for a Special Care Unit patient in a deteriorating condition. Ethan jumped right in and asked what I needed, set up equipment, and assisted in procedures in order to help me take care of my patient more efficiently. Teamwork on our shift is fantastic and I appreciate each and every one of my co-workers. This night, I especially appreciated Ethan and all of his assistance.