Esther Panjaitan

Esther Panjaitan, RN

Medical/Orthopedic Unit
Swedish Edmonds
Edmonds, Washington
United States
Esther cared that I would live and consistently reminded me of the future.

I can attest to the stark and terrifying differences between being admitted to a hospital for surgery/treatment under circumstances for scheduled vs emergency services.  Both are stressful, but the difference between knowing the place, time and reason pales in comparison to the fears associated with not knowing the cause, treatment or outcomes.  Unscheduled separation from family, friends and income creates situations that traumatize differently.

Without the skills of a gifted physician and support staff, I sincerely believe that there was a possibility that I would not have returned to the wonderful life I was living 24 hours earlier.  I can personally thank several Swedish staff members whom I believe collectively saved my life.  One of those heroes is Esther, Swedish Medical Surgery 5th Floor nurse.

Her superb skills and training were evident in all facets of care, we spend 5 shifts together.  I can personally attest to her gentle, caring, confident care.  But as essential, was her recognition of my needs for a nurturing, personal advocate.  She cared that I would live and consistently reminded me of the future.  She realized what fed my spirit and initiated short conversations that allowed us to be introduced in a professional and confidential way.  She laughed easily and seemed able to find the “goodness” in all situations no matter how rushed or chaotic.  She realized that the healing environment was as important to me as were her prolific skills.  Her professionalism and exemplary support were deeply appreciated.