March 2013
Erneslyn V.
Elmhurst Hospital Center
United States




The purpose of this letter is to express my thanks and gratitude to the staff at Elmhurst Hospital Center for the excellence of care I received. Both the Doctors and Nurses were of such a high standard, I have not for a moment forgotten them. There was one nurse in particular and I hope I get this name correctly; Erneslyn Velasco. The professional, compassionate care provided by Nurse Velasco goes far beyond expectations. As a patient in a precarious medical state with all the emotional turmoil that comes along; nurse Velasco made a difference in my physical recovery and mental well-being. I must also mention Nurse K. Singh and Nurse Poon. The team on the 5th floor was such a dynamic, caring, professional and compassionate mix, that almost 2 months later I am writing this letter. I also want the staff, both Doctors and Nurses to know I successfully left the hospital and immediately redoubled my efforts and commitment to the AA Program. Without their help and patience, this would not have been possible. They should all be commended for a job well done! The doctors and nurses need to know they made a difference in my ongoing recovery after I left the hospital. The treatment of Alcoholics is a grey area that is both science and art. It combines saving a life medically during care, and striving to release the patience in a calm, understanding manner - that enables them to continue the recovery process after leaving the hospital. The 24 hours after leaving are the make-it-or-break it period, where a patient will either end up in an AA meeting or a liquor store. I want the doctors and nurses to know their humanity and compassion resulted in my successfully re-entering AA immediately, with the ongoing recovery that comes along with that.