Erin Steele

Erin Steele

Erin Steele, RN, CEN

Emergency Department
Springfield, Missouri
United States
The grace and professionalism Erin maintained through the course of this child’s stay was truly amazing.

Erin was faced with a very complicated pediatric drug ingestion with a question of child neglect.  The grace and professionalism she maintained through the course of this child’s stay was truly amazing, not to mention her dedication to this patient by staying over four hours past her shift to ensure there was proper patient care hand-off to the admitting and receiving nurse on Peds. 


Erin stayed 6 hours over her shift on Thanksgiving to insure proper care and transportation of a dementia patient.  The patient from Indiana was traveling through to Arizona with family friends.  Mid trip, the patient began having a psychiatric emergency and came to the emergency department.  The family friends refused to transport the patient the rest of the way to Arizona.  Erin spent 6 hours contacting family members, social services and senior services in attempt to find someone to take care of the patient.  Family members wanted to leave the patient in a hotel room alone for a day until someone could come to get him and Erin was determined to prevent that from happening.  She used all resources possible to get the proper care for this patient during his hospital stay and after discharge.  Erin showed heart and dedication in this situation and deserves recognition.