Erin Kugler

Erin Kugler, BSN, RN

4JPE, Oncology
University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics
Iowa City, Iowa
United States

Erin started as a new graduate nurse on 4JPE in July of 2010. She graduated magna cum laude with a BSN from Illinois Wesleyan University in Bloomington, Illinois. Erin has a passion for health and wellness; she played varsity soccer all four years of college, and has completed several marathons, the most recent of which was in California. Erin is a member of the national Oncology Nursing Society, and her professional goals include earning her oncology certification and beginning graduate studies.

Erin received two DAISY nominations from the same family. The first reads:

Erin exhibits a positive, caring professional attitude in carrying out her medical duties. Most impressive are Erin's communication skills. She goes to great lengths to assure that family, friends and her patient are clear on what is taking place at all times. Her cheerful manner in performing her tasks is delightful. She treats her team members with respect. This keeps the patient's care running smoothly. Erin brings joy to an otherwise sad situation. Erin should have the DAISY award. She is an extraordinary nurse.

The second focuses on Erin's sense of humor:

Erin has demonstrated outstanding compassionate care for my sister, who is an oncology patient. Our entire family has been put at ease during a difficult time for us. Our family has a strong sense of humor, and Erin picked up on this. When setting up a feeding pump, we were encouraging my sister to imagine a "great" meal of steak, mac 'n' cheese, bread, wine, etc. Erin printed off photos of these foods and taped them to the IV pole. My sister laughed and laughed and has shown visitors her favorite meal. This went "above and beyond" in our minds. We are grateful for having Erin as my sister's nurse.