Erin Bezdicek
May 2015
CCO Resource Pool
Banner University Medical Center - Phoenix
United States




During the most difficult period of my life, I was recently a patient at Banner University Medical Center-Phoenix. I presented early in the morning and was diagnosed with PPROM. My dreams and best-laid plans were quickly stripped from me and I found myself feeling utterly powerless and alone in a huge Medical Institution. The staff did all they could but ultimately I lost my baby at 19 weeks. The experience of losing a child is one I would not wish on my worst enemy and one I hope to never experience again. However, there was one bright spot during this experience. More specifically someone who planted the seed of hope, which humanized an experience that was otherwise barren and devoid of life. Erin Bezdicek was one of my nurses and she was a bright light during my family's darkest time. I was filled with so much fear and sadness, it was overwhelming; and she helped me through my hospital stay and took amazing care of me. She checked on me frequently and was my advocate. She sat on the corner of the bed and listened to me cry, and at times she cried with me. When there was nothing else to be done she gave me reassuring hugs. She went beyond anything that was expected or required of her tasks and responsibilities. Her caring and true concern for me helped me to begin healing emotionally. She was truly the best nurse I have ever encountered and I feel so blessed to have met her, and that I was her patient. I can honestly say, that despite he circumstances, it was a positive experience as a patient at Banner. Erin took what would have been a positive experience, despite an extremely difficult situation, and turned it into a truly exceptional experience that I will always remember. I will always think of her as one of the angels in my life for getting me through this painful period, and will always be so grateful. I have no doubt, that all of Erin's patients feel equally as grateful as I do for the amazing work that she does every day. She is a gift to the nursing profession and to every patient she encounters. The gifts she gave me, compassion and hope in my darkest time, are as powerful as any treatment and yet are often in short supply. I hope that her efforts and example will serve to inspire others to an even greater level of patient care so that every patient can have the exceptional care that I did.